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Thursday · May 20 2004

Interview with Bloglines creator, Mark Fletcher
I use Bloglines more than email. I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop with popup ads or a subscription fee, but so far so good. Using Firefox as a browser and Bloglines to consume sites has completely changed the way I use the Web in the past year.

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What you had to say:
May 22 2004

mark fletcher is a god.

May 22 2004

I'm happy I was able to convert at least one person to Bloglines. There are plenty of other syndicated feed readers out there, but nothing is as easy to use from anywhere as Bloglines.

Now I just have to get you using Firefox instead of wretched Internet Explorer.

May 22 2004

i need to use firefox and update my computer so i can use itunes. it's frustrating knowing it's there and i can't get it- kinda feel like kozmo and zoe staring at the treats cabinet! you more than converted me to bloglines, as i've said before, i think i need to go to rehab for it. this past week was unusual 'cuz (whoops... you and the 'shoots & leaves' lady probably hate " 'cuz"!! hey- i'll have you know that the grammar test you posted a while back rated me as a "grammar god" and said that was my calling for a line of work. did you know you were in the company of such greatness?!) i usually am in front of the computer so much because there are so many interesting things to soak in about so many various different subjects that i fear i could become a shut-in!! (just joking) seriously though, thanks for turning me onto bloglines, it's the best.

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