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Thursday · May 20 2004

I was halfway through my ham sandwich Subway yesterday when I heard, “Jason?” A high school classmate I haven't seen in 10 years was filling up a Pepsi at the self-service stand; he was shocked to see me. We said “Hi”, I introduced him to my co-worker, M, and asked J where he worked and lived. “I live in Andersonville — right by you.”

Did you catch the part where I said I hadn't seen J in over 10 years?

“I ran across your blog.”

See, I have you neatly divided into three groups:

  • people I know well in real life (Stacy, Kristin, Stef, Tori, etc)
  • returning readers I've never met (Marie, bobsyeruncle, Kara, etc)
  • random Googlers

I wasn't prepared to learn that classmates I haven't seen in 10 years may be typing my name into Google, lurking around, and then telling me about it during a chance encounter at Subway. No harm, but I felt disarmed, as in: so, what can you tell me about me?

What you had to say:
May 21 2004

Well you certainly don't dish the personal details al la Laine. Beyond your neighborhood, your appreciation for the cubs and where you went for dinner......well actually i guess there is quite a bit about you up here!
I hope in addition to freaking you out a bit, you might find it pleasant that old friends may be wondering what happened to you. Those of us with the unusual last names are pretty eazsy to find! I recently got an email through the Jupiter website from a friend in Australia I haven't heard from in 7 years and I thought that was pretty cool. Although I guess it's just as easy for the stalker ex-boyfirend too....

May 21 2004

I don't consider myself in the same webspace as Layne. She's writing a therapeutic self-focused journal to a huge audience; I'm collecting links and articles (mostly for friends) with a little bit of me thrown in for a change of pace. I started this site thinking the only readers would be Stace, my sister, and maybe Dan. I remember when Kelly told me she visited every day, I was floored. I'm really pleased to have a tiny community here, but I'm also self-conscious because of it.

Finding Keglovitz on Google is easy, and I'm aware of that. However, it's not the sort of thing I'd admit to doing in person. If you're looking to find me and catch up, that's great; Send me an email or comment here to say "hey". Know what I'm saying?

May 21 2004

Yes, I'll admit I'm the one Jason is referring to in the above post. I was shocked because I had literally typed up a draft of an e-mail I was intending to send Jason expressly saying "Hey, what's up?" --- Honest to God truth! I simply hadn't sent the e-mail yet because I wasn't sure how much time I had to invest in trying to reconnect with an old classmate. My thinking was perhaps I would do it in July when my classes let up and I would have more free time.

By the way, I discovered the blog through Googling "Chicago blogs." I looked at that one site where they have the blogs grouped by "L" stations. I do occasionally Google old friends just to see what they're up to. Sometimes, when I'm feeling particularly naughty, I'll even Google myself!

I try to respect people's privacy so I have to give Jason his "props" for the blog. Lots of interesting links - esp. Slate. I, personally, am very hesitant to self-reveal especially to a potential worldwide audience on the Internet. Even my co-workers who I've known for years don't know all there is to know about me!

Sorry for spooking you out Jason! How random to run into you in "my" Subway! Perhaps, when you get a chance, we can get together to catch up over a game of Scrabble.

May 21 2004

hee hee, I google myself all the time. In fact, i hooked up w/ high school friend because she had mentioned my name in HER blog. I emailed her of course! ;)

May 25 2004

I came across your blog when googling my friend Barry's name. Barry's the one who was killed a year ago (yesterday) in Ravenswood and I was self-tasked with getting and keeping track of the media coverage regarding his murder. You were kind enough to link to our fundraiser site back then, and I've since come back to this site (and others) because I enjoy the links you post and your observations. Plus, well, it makes the 9 - 5 go by a little faster if you know what I mean.

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