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Tuesday · May 18 2004

Stacy and I at Camden Yards; O's win 4-0

What you had to say:
May 21 2004

did you cut your hair? looks nice.

May 21 2004


You have no idea how funny that is. One day last fall, I changed how I combed my hair. Since then, at least 7 guys I know have asked me what I did with my hair. No women friends have asked, just men -- and my friends are fairly split between men and women, maybe even more women. I didn't cut it, just pushed it forward. You commenting on it is like the final icing on the cake 3 months later.

Anyway, thanks for the compliment. Stace and I have been getting a good laugh out of the running joke.

May 22 2004

hey- remember at the wilco show they said only guys have been hardcore uncle tup fans? also, when i was in 5th grade we were all paired off and told to write letters to certain companies. my partner, barbara got a curt response from the company vp written at the bottom of her original letter. we both wrote the same letter verbatim. i recieved a very kind response on typed letter head from the vp to Mr. kelly burns! i'm once again getting called a guy- i told you and stac your hair looked great, made you look younger and to stick with it. (you know i'm not serious, then again, do i need to do something different with my hair too, to stop being confused with being a boy? ;)

May 22 2004

Hey, that's right, Kel. I remember now when you commented I said something like, "That's the first time a girl has said anything."

Maybe I should rename this post: Stacy and my hair at Camden Yards; O's win 4-0

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