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Tuesday · May 18 2004

Randy Johnson pitches a perfect game of baseball: 27 batters, 27 outs.

No walks, no errors, no hits for nine innings. This isn't the sort of thing that happens everyday. Johnson's game is the 17th perfect game in all baseball history. I watched the last 2 innings in awe along with the opposing Braves fans who were cheering for Johnson to complete the feat.

With this game, Johnson becomes the oldest player to toss a perfect game, passing Cy Young's 1904 mark and the fifth player to throw a no-hitter in both the American and National leagues.

Randy Johnson is 40 years old and throwing 94mph heat with a hard breaking, unhittable slider as a change of pace. The longevity of players like Barry Bonds, Randy Johnson, and Roger Clemens is unreal. All three are over 40 years old and still at their best. Clemens is dominating the NL with a 7-0 record and a 1.72 ERA. Johnson leads the league in strikeouts and threw perfection tonight. Bonds is batting .360, on pace to walk 250 times, and has swung and missed a total of 15 times all season. Corey Patterson manages that in a 3 game series.

Speaking of Cubs, Jason Schmidt threw a not as rare, but equally impressive, one-hit complete game shutout to beat Chicago 1-0 tonight. Cubs go again tomorrow versus the Giants — Zambrano vs. Reuter.

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