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Tuesday · May 18 2004

Gmail swap
Look at all the cool stuff I could have gotten instead of giving away 3 extra Gmail accounts for free. One week free vacation rental in Maui, a custom piece of chainmail jewelry including shipping, and a custom fairytale written just for me. I would have been set.


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What you had to say:
May 18 2004

so, i'm waaaaay behind. what's the deal with getting or not getting gmail? who are the lucky few?

May 18 2004

Since Michelle hooked me up with a free beta account and I've been actively using it, I was given three accounts to give away. I gave one to Stace, one to a guy at work, and I posted about a week ago advertising the one I had left to whoever was interested. Kelly asked and I gave her the third one.

Apparently, there is very little crossover between people I know and people willing to write custom fairy tales for a free account. Which is really too bad.

May 19 2004

So I guess the question is how did Michelle get the beta account?

I don't even want one - I have a hard enough time keeping up with my other four email addresses - but I'm just curious.

May 19 2004

Michelle works for Google. Employees had free accounts to give out.

May 19 2004

The answer, at last.

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