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Thursday · May 13 2004

My fantasy baseball team is humbling the pride I once had. The last 3 years I finished 2nd, 1st, 1st out of 12 teams. I scoffed at trades and ignored marginal players while Albert Pujols and Barry Bonds propelled me to the top. This year is a pure struggle. A sampling of news headlines related to the guys on my team:

  1. Andruw Jones (ATL) dropped in order
  2. Jim Thome (PHI) sits out on Wednesday
  3. Junior Spivey (MIL) still unable to start
  4. Jerome Williams (SF) plays catch
  5. Jason Phillips (NYM) to stay in majors
  6. Tike Redman (PIT) might leadoff again
  7. Mike Piazza (NYM) gets routine day off

The best news is that Jerome Williams, young starting pitcher for the Giants, is playing catch. I should be so pleased. Meanwhile, Mike Hampton is pitching AAA level stuff, Randy Johnson is wearing out the last threads of cartilage in his knee, and I have no closer nor anyone who steals bases.

I realize most of these guys aren't household names, and you might think that is why my team is so brutal, but the talent pool is thin in 12-team NL-only leagues and you have room for a handful of all-stars, at best. How you spend the rest of your budget is what matters. And I did a poor job at that.

I take issue with calling this activity (obsession?) “Fantasy Baseball”. A roster full of players a squeak above a .250 batting average is not the stuff of dreams.

What you had to say:
May 14 2004

I am lucky there are only 6 people in my league - I am much closer to a fantasy team. Even though I am in 3rd place.

I have a feeling your players will start doing better. Weather is getting warmer....who knows? I am crossing my fingers for you.

May 16 2004

i feel yr pain... i have one team that is so bad, it is laughable, but it is a H 2 H league so u can turn it around quickly... otherwise i took alot less gambles upon drafting, and like u, i ended up with some bad ones, see Nomar, Piazza, Giambi, my best players are Michael Young and Jose Mesa, frightening, isn t it...

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