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Wednesday · May 12 2004

Printers are the most poorly designed computer accessory. Misfeeds, jams, lousy toner, expensive cartridges, popup dialog box excuses, flashing lights…repeated problems with little to no feedback. I am yet to own a printer that I didn't want to toss out the window at some point. Am I asking too much for technology to step up and offer a product capable of printing black and white text without blinking? And if an issue crops up, can I have a clear explanation on how to fix it?

In the process of printing an online receipt, my printer spewed page after page of garbled binary characters. I had to pull the paper away from its mouth, because it wasn't slowing down. I want the Toyota Corolla equivalent of a printer: affordable, unsexy, and reliable. This POS has got to go.

I know this rant is old and done, but that's my point. The PC printer should be solved by now.

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May 17 2004

I met a guy on my trip who said he recently DID throw his printer out the window. Only three stories, but he said it was quite cathartic (he owns the company so no reprimands from the boss...).

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