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Wednesday · May 12 2004

Some like to watch Shaolin Soccer. Others like to listen to the soundtrack from How's Your News. Me? I like to be very quiet until I see pocket jacks or better. Being the new guy at a poker night among friends is tough. And being the new guy having a good night is not the way to get a second invite. Unless I'm the designated sucker for next time.

We're reading Positively Fifth Street for this month's book club selection and I feel a poker addiction rising up fast. Really fast.

Shaolin Soccer

After a fateful mistake costing his career, an ex-soccer player bum meets a shaolin kung fu student trying to spread the word of kung fu. The ex-soccer player helps reconcile with his five brothers, and teaches them soccer, adding shaolin kung fu as a twist.

I'm missing the gene to appreciate this film.

What you had to say:
May 12 2004

I haven't seen Shaolin Soccer since it got released in theaters here. However, I do have the DVD of the original Hong Kong release. The movie is a gem. Seriously. It's worth watching just for the badly translated subtitles alone.

It's a comedy, by the way. I'm not sure if the marketing foo or the synopsis you posted makes that clear.

If you want to borrow the DVD, I'd be happy to lend it.

May 12 2004

Maybe I was just really in the mood to play poker and not watch horribly translated kung fu guys playing soccer.

Comedy is odd like that. I can't stop laughing watching The Office, but some people experience pain watching it.

May 12 2004

Hey How's Your News....?

Shaolin Soccer was brutal, I'm in full agreement. Apparently 8 in 11 Americans prefer Shaolin Soccer to Texas Hold 'em.

May 12 2004

Yeah, I guess if you're supposed to be doing something else, almost any movie is going to be annoying. Especially if it's the END of the movie.

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