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Monday · May 10 2004

Fog of War released on DVD tomorrow
One of my two must-see documentaries of 2003, along with Capturing the Friedman's, Errol Morris' Fog of War is well-made, timely, insightful, and, ultimately puzzling. I could not help translating the characters of our current administration into former Secretary of Defense (1961-1968), Robert S. McNamara's 11 lessons. The dots are easy to connect, but the exercise doesn't yield fruit. Perhaps because his lessons of war aren't instructive and beg more questions than they answer.

Robert McNamara's lessons (e.g. “Maximize Efficiency”, “Rationality will not save us”, “In order to do good, you may have to engage in evil”) are not Sun Tzu's Art of War. He is a flawed man who wielded tremendous power and set ethics aside if they interfered with the the conflict's bottom line. Despite that, I couldn't hate him in this interview, because I was too enthralled with the stories he was telling. Fog of War is spellbinding. See it.

Robert S. McNamara

Never answer the question that's been asked of you — answer the question you wish had been asked of you.
—Robert S. McNamara

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