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Friday · May 07 2004

Pfc. Lynndie R. England is the short-haired brunette with the cigarette in her mouth in several of the infamous Abu Gharib prison pictures.

I've read two articles about the reaction of her family and hometown of Fort Ashby, West Virginia. Compare this article from an Austrailian tabloid with the New York Times article. (NYT login: kegz03/kegz03)

Where you choose to get your news has alot to do with shaping your opinion.

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What you had to say:
May 07 2004

Nice contrast. I don't see that the two stories essentially contradict each other. One is about the level of xenophobia in England's backwoods hometown, the other mainly about her personality and ambitions before she enlisted. Maybe what's most interesting is how carefully each ignores the perspective of the other in order to keep the theme uncluttered.

As a journalist you want the stories you turn in to read clearly - you and your editor want to picture lots of readers nodding their heads and saying, "oh yes, I see." But since reality is almost always too complicated to produce simple, digestible truth, journalists adjust facts to fit storylines, instead of the other way around.

May 09 2004

I think thateveryone involved in this horrible scandal.. should be punished to the fullest. All that is and was involved, should of known better.. We are not sent there to protrayed such meanful, acts on other people.. We as a whole country should know that. My heart goes out to everyone that has been hurt from this war. Ours and theirs.. They have hearts and bleed like we do.. remember we are not born to hate.. its something that is taught..

May 25 2004

We will probably not know the true facts as many were manifactured, but it is true we are not born to hate, but we must, as a cultered individual, so that right and wrong are seperated by morals. any intelligent person must hate evil and that is where the liberals will never get the psychology of life. They love everything and everybody, and that shows NO character whatsoever. PS: the disdain with women in the islamic society is so atrocious that they are held in lower esteem than animals. We are talking about motherhood of a whole race of people. When the truth of everything in this conflict is never resolved, the supposed religion (CULT) of islam will be manifest to the average uninformed and ignorant person in these United States. Bob Pratt PS: I am sending much bucks to Lyndee

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