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Friday · May 07 2004

Spiderman stays off the bases
Columbia Pictures and MLB are bowing to public outrage and scrapping the plan to put Spiderman 2 ads on the bases at select MLB games. Online polls at and showed disapproval ratings between 70 and 80 percent. Former baseball commissioners Fay Vincent and Peter Ueberroth also criticized MLB's agreement to the deal.

Everything in entertainment is for sale, but don't rub our faces in it. Even if baseball is as dirty with money as football and basketball, I like to dream and pretend it's more pure.

What you had to say:
May 07 2004

Like other sports (especially Wolves vs. Blackhawks hockey) the minor Leagues are in a way more "pure" (cheap, fan-friendly) and can be much more enjoyable. I plan to go to more of those games this summer. When I was in elementary school, I used to ride my bike to Aloha Stadium with my friend to see Hawaii Islanders games. I didn't see a major league game until I was in high school (Padres). My first exposure to baseball was minor league, so I enjoy the atmosphere. [Islanders are now defunct ... their, uh, travel expenses were a killer I hear.]

May 07 2004

High school baseball can be entertaining as well. I don't schedule to watch games, but if I have the time while walking or driving past a park with a game going on, I'll stop and watch a couple innings. Basketball also works well for this, but you have to know a game is going on since its indoors. High school football, on the other hand, is a total bore. I think it's because I watch football for the violent hits and outstanding athleticism, not the competition. I don't watch much hockey, but the one Blackhawks game I made it to this year seemed about high school level.

May 07 2004

funny you mention that- one of my fondest memories of baseball is walking home from track practice on a warm, New Mexico spring day and "pausing" to watch my high school baseball team playing a game. Well, I paused for the rest of the 5 innings- the teams were so focused and intent, the fans were practically frothing. I have yet to be to a major league game that compared. Course, I probably have about have the angst and hormones that I did at 15, too...

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