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Thursday · May 06 2004

Want sex? Buy a BMW
BMW owners have more sex than owners of any other car, averaging 2.2 times per week. Helmut Panke leads the charge.

Thanks to Dan for the link. Happy 31st birthday, Danny!

What you had to say:
May 07 2004

I'm not sure that you'll have more sex if you buy a BMW... I think you'll buy a BMW if you're having a lot of sex. Chicken & egg question. Oh well!

May 07 2004

Porsche owners finish last, though. How do you explain that? Or do you only buy a Porsche if you're frustrated about not getting enough sex, thus skewing the results down?

May 07 2004

Brilliant theory, actually.

From the article, it sounds like Porsche is not the *last* last -- only the last in the survey. How would owners of Ford station wagons fare?

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