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Tuesday · May 04 2004

The largest collection of original Popeil and Ronco TV-advertised gadgets ever assembled under one roof
I fooled Stace into seeing it with me and we saw it all. The Pocket Fisherman, Mr. Microphone, the Veg-O-Matic, the Egg Scrambler, the Smokeless Ashtray, Mr. Dentist, and the Record Vacuum. Over 150 items in all! And as an “added bonus”, Dan Akroyd's Bass-O-Matic '76. Mmmm, that's great bass!

Hey, it's Mr. Dentist

Keep your records dust-free with this cordless electric item

Best SNL skit ever

I love Mr. Popeil. His rotisserie oven puts me to sleep at night.

What you had to say:
May 05 2004

you went! that's too funny!

May 05 2004

We were walking across Michigan on Washington and there it was. What a coincidence.

May 05 2004

I got to see all the gadgets that I could ever want! And we watched Dan Akroyd sell the Bass-o-Matic. :)

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