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Tuesday · May 04 2004

The ESP Game
You are paired with an anonymous teammate and images flash on the screen one at a time. Type in words that describe the image until both of you type in the same word, then move onto the next. It's fun in a psych experiment sort of way. Aside from playing a game, you're helping label all the images on the Web. And that's important to somebody.

I made a kegz03/kegz03 login. Go ahead and use it.

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What you had to say:
May 05 2004

hey now...great game!

May 05 2004

I scored in the 90th percentile with someone! We both have ESPN. I heard that joke long before mean girls.

But yeah, go for colors, facial features, and obvious things first (book, magazine, fence, etc.). duh. fun stuff.

May 05 2004

I just got a 6560, 99th percentile. Finished all 15 pictures with 30 seconds to go. Go me and my anonymous partner!

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