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Saturday · May 01 2004

» The media sale at the Washington Library was a pack rat's dream and plenty of pack rats attended. Of the thousands of music CDs for sale, I recognized not one — not one. Stace, Kelly, and I discovered quite a few goodies in the VHS movies for $1 section. My takehome haul:

The real find, however, is the 1995 how-to comedy, How to Eat a Lobster. From the back jacket:

Your host, Maine Humorist Alan Smith, will explain how to catch, buy, and cook these delectable “critters.” He'll also demonstrate, step by step, how to EASILY pick out ALL the meat of a lobster, whether you're in a fancy restaurant, at home, or even at the beach. A must for anyone wanting to learn all the tricks of “eatin' a lobsta!”

As I said, this is the real find of the day.

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