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Friday · April 30 2004

» My dentist appointment yesterday went as planned. The usual cavity over/under line is 1 and this bet was a push. Kristin and I inherited shitty enamel from our parents, having both been delivered double-digit cavity news at one time. That shouldn't happen when you brush twice a day and floss every other on average, so I'm pointing the finger at genetics.

Reclined in my familiar chair with the unsexy dental shades and a bloody bib, I listened to my chatty hygienist talk about how she loves what she does. She likes poking bloody gums and scraping teeth. If there's such a thing as a domme-hygienist, she'd be it. She admitted the fetish and what do you say to that? Especially with a mouthful of poky instruments and a woman enjoying it on the other end? She has excellent taste in movies, however, and we had a great film conversation. Rather, she talked about a number of indie movies and I nodded and mumbled my agreement. I have to go back at the end of next month.

» My friend Sarah, a librarian at the Harold Washington Library downtown, wants you to know the Chicago Public Library will be holding their “eagerly awaited” media sale this weekend.

This round will include CDs (50 cents), VHS tapes ($1), music books ($1), music magazines (50 cents), and a small number of music-related collectibles (priced as marked). Available items include unneeded donations, duplicates, and withdrawn items.

Saturday 9-4, Sunday 1-4 at the Harold Washington Library Center (400 S. State St.) No vinyl at this sale, but you can pick up a flyer announcing the next sale, which will be vinyl and vintage sheet music.

I'm there.

» Loretta Lynn - Van Lear Rose

Van Lear Rose by Loretta Lynn

Produced by Jack White of The White Stripes. His arrangements + her voice = wow. Their duet on “Portland, Oregon” is my favorite song right now.

» The Covers Project
Uncover huge cover chains (a set of songs in which each song is a cover of a song by the band who covered the preceding song) or search for songs covered and covered by a couple of favorite artists. Nifty link via Marie.

» Pervasive Gaming
Mixed reality games, such as Net Attack, promise an exciting future in gaming beyond the monitor.

The game experience depends on whether you choose to be an indoor or an outdoor player. The indoor player sits in front of a desktop computer and supports the outdoor player with valuable information, such as where to find hidden items, how to delay or disadvantage competing teams and what to do next to win the game. The outdoor player, equipped with a backpack full of technology, rushes around a predefined game field trying to collect items.

I'm thinking outdoor paintball mixed with a heads-up virtual display ala Splinter Cell. Maximum geeked-out sniper fun with exercise and no sore mouse wrist or strained eyes.

» 20% off any item at Border's
Print out the coupon and get 20% off any item at Border's before next Sunday, May 9.

» On tonight's Nightline, Ted Koppel will read the names and show photographs of the soldiers who have died in Iraq.
The 30-minute Nightline broadcast will honor soldiers killed since March 19, 2003. A Times Square jumbotron will simulcast the memorial.

» The Donald and Melania are engaged
I like this one from the comments, “Donald took his hair, put it on the floor, got down on one knee on it, looked her in the eye did that little darting hand thing of his and said 'You're Engaged'.”

» eMusic is piloting 'after-the-show' mp3 recording kiosks at a club in New Jersey
“The music fan goes up to the touch-screen kiosk after the show and buys the keychain drive with a credit card from a dispenser alongside the screen. Once that's done, the miniature drive is inserted into a slot in the kiosk, and the recording — stored as MP3 files — is loaded onto the device's 128-megabyte hard drive.” $20 for the reusable drive, $10 for the recording. This is a bad idea posing as a good one. eMusic Live currently sells $10 “after-the-show” live recordings on CD. The new program offers a less flexible and lower quality recording format (mp3) at a higher price (pay $20 up-front for the reusable drive).

Their marketing line is “What we were seeing is that a large number of people were taking their CDs home and ripping them to MP3s, so we thought it would \ benefit music fans to eliminate that middle step”. No, it benefits you to eliminate the middle step. They are passing the physical production costs of the USB device on to the consumer instead of packaging the cost of the CD into the price. Taking 5 minutes to rip a CD is no biggie. I hope the kiosks are an alternative to and not a replacement for the currently offered CDs. If that's the case, the choice is fine. I love the concept of taking the live show home. Studio recordings by lesser-known acts are often disappointing compared to hearing their set in person.

If you're looking for one of these kiosks in Chicago, Schuba's is the likely candidate. They already have an agreement with eMusic Live and sell the live CDs.

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May 05 2004

Completely unrelated.....

I am continually building an Access database at work, and like adding in different features. For instance, if users happen upon one of the data entry forms, they will find a button that says "Tetris," which when clicked will pull up your Tetris game.

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