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Thursday · April 29 2004

» Cruel pacifiers
Pop this in his mouth and laugh at your kid. Good times.

Cruel Pacifiers

» Bananaphone
This jingle begs to be used in a mash-up. Leave it on in the background. After 5 minutes you won't notice.

» Google sets $2.7 billion IPO
And the crowd goes wild.

» William Hung is featured as the new release 'making noise' at eMusic
My eMusic track quota resets on the 4th of every month, so I usually leave a couple albums' available for the end of the month. I checked the front page to see what's new and there it is. Inspiration. Except it's not. It's just really, really awful. Making noise indeed.

» Baseball analysts calculated that Cub pitcher's ability to hit better than other staffs added 2 wins to the team's total
Back in the day, pitchers were often the team's best hitter, like you still see in Little League and high school. The most athletic kid pitches, bats clean-up, and plays shortstop on his days off the mound. The high level of skill specialization in baseball today has forced top prospects to choose between hitting and pitching if they want to make the big leagues. As Steve Stone pointed out last night after a textbook bunt by Greg Maddux, major league pitchers don't have to be good hitters, but they can help their team by fielding their position and knowing how to sacrifice bunt — two underappreciated aspects of Greg Maddux's game that he excels at.

» Random cow paths did not determine the layout of Boston's streets
If you've driven in Boston, you may find this hard to believe. While living in Boston, I picked up two excellent descriptions of the Boston road system. 1) If you find yourself at an intersection where all six streets are one-way in, don't be surprised. That's typical. 2) Boston is the only city that you need separate directions for the “way to somewhere” and the “way back home”. The two are never the same.

» Practical horoscopes for the down and out
Harper's Reading from Mainline Lady, a mag for female drug users in the Netherlands. Libra: “You pick up your old hobby and that makes you feel good! Your mom buys you clothes that you like this time. The doctor seems to understand your problem, instead of just writing out another prescription for methadone.”

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