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Wednesday · April 28 2004

Lance in my Pants
1916: Philip Lance's wife and daughter add peanut butter to crackers and the “sandwich cracker” is born.
1954: The first Lance vending machine is placed on location.
1996: Lance unveils a new company logo incorporating the word “freshness”.
2004: Lance enters the nation's pants. The nation giggles.

Turning the Pages at The British Library
The British Library has 10 priceless texts available in a digital page-turning Flash app. Leonardo's Notebook, the Diamond Sutra (Chinese Buddhist scroll printed in 868. The world's oldest, dated, printed book.) and Blackwell's Herbal (George III's personal copy of a botanical study) are three examples of the catalogued books.

The Meat Show by Mark Ryden
Disturbing paintings of “Children, God, and USDA Grade A Beef” — No secret I like beef, but The Angel of Meat is a place I'm not gonna go.

Size 12 Biker guy sells ex's dress on ebay for $3,800. 15 minutes of fame ensue.
“Ladies, you won’t regret this. You may regret the dude you marry but not the dress.” The accompanying stories on eBay items are often better than the item for bid.

Hershey's New Caramel Kisses
We just discovered these little nuggets of tasty, milk-chocolaty, caramely sugar at work. Matt said, “Why didn't they make these first?” I nodded and thought about how beautiful a life free of food guilt would be.

Proposed 2004 Iraq Flag

2004 Proposed Flag of Iraq
“The design marks a notable break with the colours used in other Arab flags, which have lengthy histories – green and black are used to represent Islam (indeed, green is said to have been the Prophet Muhammed's favourite colour) and red is used to represent Arab nationalism. Islamic crescents are usually depicted in green or red in Arab heraldry. The flag's predominately blue-on-white appearance has led to controversy in Iraq and comparisons with the flag of Israel (indeed, a number of the original proposals for the Israeli flag were to have yellow in it), while others have criticised the omission of the traditional pan-Arab colours. The omission of the phrase “Allahu Akbar” has also been widely criticised.”

Chicago Center for Green Technology
This might be a good place to start learning how I can cut down my 5.4 planet requirements. Useful homeowner links for energy-efficient and sustainable living.

Disneyland photo album from the 1950s and 60s
Looks pretty much the same as now. You got your Matterhorn, Main Street USA, Swiss Family Robinson, and Tomorrowland still doesn't look like Todayland. One thing I noticed used to be better — the real mermaids.

Cubs won 6 games in a row by a combined 39-5 and follow that by losing two in a row by a combined 19-1. As they say, that's baseball. One more game in Arizona followed by a trip to St. Louis where the Cubs have won only a pittance of games (like 5) in the last 4 years.

Hackers can turn your home computer into a bomb
Watch out for those sickos. They can wreck death and destruction from thousands of miles away. Someone get Tom Ridge on the phone. I'm scared.

Free Scoop Night at Baskin-Robbins
I missed Free Cone day at Ben & Jerry's yesterday and I'm gonna miss this one too because I have a dentist appointment. “I'm sorry. I have to cancel my 6pm appointment tonight. I have to go get my free ice cream.”

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What you had to say:
April 28 2004

I walked by the B&J on Randolph at about 3:15 pm. There was a line all the way down the block! And they were making everyone fill out some sort of sinister paperwork. probably determining the most popular flavors or sum other such marketing strategy hoo-ha.

April 28 2004

Last year I hit the one in Schaumburg during lunch and nobody was there. Free scoop, no wait. I'm not surprised the downtown shop was packed, though.

April 28 2004

There was a line in Evanston, but it was pretty quick. I did have to have a password to leave the store, though. :)

April 28 2004

I think the sinister paperwork was people registering to vote. I cannot believe B&J would do something this horrible. Just give me ice cream.

April 28 2004

There is one truth in life, "There are no free lunches." This applies to ice cream too.

April 28 2004

Crap! I can't believe I am going to miss two free nights of ice cream. Then again, at a savings of $5, I suppose I can manage.

Also, those new hershey things kinda taste like crap. Just like the originals.

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