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Tuesday · April 27 2004

A vocabulary of placelessness
Naperville is an old hat boomburg. Now, Mokena, I hear that's a real zoomburg. Total snoutscape. Also includes an excellent definition of sprawl — “low-density, scattered, automobile-dependent development created in a political economy organized around unsustainable growth.”

Jesus Inspirational Sport Statues
Jesus does not inspire figure skating. Therefore, figure skating = not a sport. Also, Jesus does not inspire golf. He cannot be caught yelling, “This fucking game. I hate it.” You cannot play golf without yelling. Therefore, golf = not a sport.

Count Down: Six Kids Vie for Glory at the World's Toughest Math Competition
How could the true stories of six kids competing in the 2001 U.S. Math Olympiad be interesting? Have you seen the film, Spellbound? I didn't care about being on a sports team or class president in high school. I competed in math and I wanted to be the top mathlete in the state. I missed that by a large margin.

Yeah, I just said mathlete. Deal with it.

Easterblogg ends
Some will cheer. Some will cry. I will miss the pissed off reactions his articles provoked.

Harper's Week In Review
Bad news = good news
Saying “johnkerryisadouchebagbutimvotingforhimanyway dot com” out loud is funny. Try it.

Jerry Springer opera set for Broadway
“However the production, which features bad language, tap-dancing Ku Klux Klan members and a man wearing a giant nappy, may be something of a gamble in the US.

The gallery section of The Swan is a little creepy
As in witness relocation program creepy

Spring clothes women wish guys would wear
Fellas, leave the short pants to the ladies. Capris are hideous enough. We don't need both genders wearing em.

The Diagram 4.2
Periodical poems and schematics

The Kids in the Hall Season 1
Released on DVD today. Brain Candy was a tragicomedy, but not in the Shakespearean sense. Last movie I remember walking out on. However, the original TV show was genius.

Can you name our country's 15 intelligence agencies?
I know I can't, but we can learn em together.

I'm rearranging the page. For now, new links and whatever else will appear on top, as added. Comments will be open for the day as a whole rather than individual posts.

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What you had to say:
April 27 2004

swan pics- scary! They all have humungous boobs and that "cat woman" face- you know who i'm talking about?

April 28 2004

I just read about Jerry Springer: The Opera. If I'm laughing this much at just the *thought* of such a spectacle, maybe I should consider buying tickets... to the musical, not the talk show, of course.

April 28 2004

Okay... um... I can't not mention The Swan gallery. All I have to say is people have an interesting perception of beauty. They've remade these women as if beauty is: high-arched brows, full lips, big breasts, etc... These pictures show that this same formula was applied to each woman. And *that* is scary to me. Eek!

As for the ladies who participated, I know they're probably very happy with the results, and okay, if they're happy, that's fine. But I have to be honest: I think they all looked more beautiful in their before pictures... when they each that their own unique and natural features. It's too bad they couldn't see it themselves.

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