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Thursday · April 22 2004

Imagine what Mayor Daley would say if this British crime-fighting duo turned up in Chicago.

As we revealed yesterday, the two mystery men have been running around town doing good deeds such as helping stranded motorists and shooing streakers from football pitches.

“We left Gotham City for tax reasons. Superheroes get paid nothing nowadays,” he said “Even Batman is not safe from The Taxman but we are family men now and we have to survive.”

“We even have a new model Batmobile. The last one was very expensive to run but this one's got cheaper tax and it does 60 miles to the gallon.” But despite the demands on their time and money, our masked heroes — who declined to reveal their true identities to the Reading public — say they came here because the town needs them, and they will be around for as long as it does.

What you had to say:
April 22 2004

More everyday super-peoples

April 23 2004

Does the Rocketman count? I mean he doesn't really keep anybody safe. What is the criteria for being a "super hero"?

April 23 2004

holy crap. Is this for real?

And what's the difference between a hero and a super hero? Are we talking a designated hero rating program, like six sigma? Or is it more like super-size fast food value meals? Are you getting more french fries with a super hero than the plain hero?

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