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Wednesday · April 21 2004

If everyone lived like me, we'd need 5.8 planets.

My ecological footprint is about a size 22 EEE in a leather wingtip.

“If everyone lived like you, we would need 5.8 planets.” Not good.

What you had to say:
April 22 2004

I'm 20 acres/4.5 planets. But that will change since I'm going to start eating meat and eggs at every meal, including snacks. I will also start producing more waste than my average neighbor. Yes, those 2 ideas are tied together.

April 22 2004

You're going on the Atkins diet? Or just trying to cut the carbo addiction?

I think I could be a couple acres smaller, but I have to drive to work. No reasonable public trans option exists.

April 23 2004

I'm 16 acres, 3.6 planets. My less-than-daily meat eating and preference for walking/public transportation helped a lot.

April 23 2004

What exactly do you have to do to get a result of 1 planet or less? Granted, I am an excessive-consuming, car-driving, meat-eating American, and I have a TON of room to improve, but at some point, can we just say there's too many damn people?

I retook the test pretending I was an Amish farmer with 8 kids. No car, no electricity, no running water, sometimes eat cows. Still needed 1.3 planets.

Hella better than me, but we best start colonizing the moon or having less babies if this quiz is accurate.

April 23 2004

4 kids, Atlanta climate (less heat and a/c) and no electricity or running water will getcha one planet. I was skeptical too. Basically, you DO have to be an Amish farmer ...

April 24 2004

You can actually get pretty close to 1 planet without living like an Amish farmer, but it still is very hard. Originally i got a score of 16 acres, but I just re-took it with changes i felt were possible, but difficult and got a 7 acre score. I would have to be Vegan and eat locally grown produce, live in a "green" design (1500SF) in Chicago, and take public transit and bicycles everywhere.

And yes, there are too many people.

April 24 2004

I don't have any kids yet, so at least I'm doing my part with respect to one world issue: population control.

April 28 2004

The biggest factor is cohabitating, though.
I am vegetarian and drive my car under 100 miles a week, but I get 8-something planets. 8! If I keep all my answers the same but say I have two people in my home, I go down to five planets.

So now I get to add not having a roommate to my environment guilt list.

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