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Wednesday · April 21 2004

Taiwanese TV explains how to fold clothes with new and improved efficiency.

I'll bet you're watching this mesmerizing video at work and you just can't wait to get home and try it on your whole wardrobe.

What you had to say:
April 23 2004

This is awesome. Jason gave me a personal demonstration this morning - I will try this next laundry day. Maybe I can also do it in under 7 seconds.

April 23 2004

The Chinese woman in the video is a hundred times more convincing than I am. All I made was a wrinkled mess.

April 23 2004

Oh my god. This is my new favorite site of all time. After, of course.

April 23 2004

Jason: I learn lots of bad habits from you. After reading that you listen to the Cubs games at work, I find myself compulsively checking scores vie the internet. This afternoon I wasted at least 23 minutes, possibly 24, folding a T-shirt I found in the closet. What's next?

April 23 2004

Some guys pick up bad habits like booze and loose women from their friends. And all that rubs off of me is folding clothes and listening to ballgames...

You're getting the compulsive part right, though. That's all me.

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