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Monday · April 19 2004

I multitasked the neighborhood for the last 90 minutes.

Walked around the track five times while watching softball games on either corner diamond and listening to the best $15 radio in the world. Left the track and walked into Blockbuster. Made a dinner date for next week with friends (the language needs one good word for a married couple you and your wife are friends with as a couple), got 1099 tax advice, called Kelly for a recommendation and rented the movie. Still on the phone, purchased chicken breast strips at the market and hoofed down to the train to meet Stace for the 7pm train. Where she was not. The blasted 8pm train. Back home, put the movie in the fridge and the chicken in the player.

I am feeling better than I have in a long time. I feel manic to the point of wanting a second outboard brain and 24 extra hours per day to read that, watch this, talk to her, play the game, feed the cats, watch the ball, look at the sky, look down, spin around and


David Brent

The second season of The Office comes out on DVD tomorrow. I haven't seen any of these episodes yet. Yes, I'm ready to pee myself.

What you had to say:
April 20 2004

New word for married-couple friends needed for sure. Mouple ("m" for married)? Marouple ("mar" more descriptive)? Bicouple (two couples)? Moocouple (just funny)?

April 20 2004

I need some of that manic...I seem to be on the other side lately
Good to hear your first day on the job went well!!!
I'm so excited for you and yesterday hearing you on the phone- haven't heard you that pumped when discussing WORK in forever.....

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