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Sunday · April 18 2004

Mark Cuban's Blog Maverick is a great read. I am not just saying that because I hope he showers me with $$$ on a surprise episode of The Benefactor. Well, I am, but his writing is entertaining.

Mark explains why he is a different sort of Richie Rich than Donald Trump.

I used to wear a suit to work every day. I worked hard so I wouldn’t have to. I bought a big house so I could throw a football and play whiffleball in it, rather than show it off. I don’t play golf, I work out. I don’t have an entourage, I have friends. You talk about how much you are getting paid per episode, I talk about the fact I’m not. You need to make more, I have enough. But those are little things.

Having more money than God doesn't erase the little insecurities that compel you to measure yourself to your peers. But it does make you sound silly addressing them.

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