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Saturday · April 17 2004

For the second day in a row, I've read the same line in the Cub game recap:

Fans at Wrigley Field littered the warning track with debris and the game was held up for several minutes while the grounds crew cleaned it up.

Yesterday, Dusty Baker acted like a 2 year old after his failure to report the double switch lineup change to the home plate umpire. Today, Kerry Wood wasn't getting the strike call he wanted in the 9th and he threw a tantrum. Both of them tossed equipment onto the field after being ejected. They look stupid and give the goons in the bleachers justification (at least by their own Bud-induced logic) for tossing cups and beer into the outfield.

Suspend Baker and Wood for a game. Immediately eject any fan who throws anything onto the field. Who the hell do you think you are that you're entitled to hold up play and trash the field? Knock off the baby tantrum shit.

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