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Thursday · April 15 2004

My co-workers took me out to Chevy's mexican for lunch on my last day today. One of my bosses had the waitstaff celebrate my birthday (which it isn't, but why pass up a chance to claim you're 22?), so I got a big bowl of ice cream and a sombrero. I'm going to make it my new Coding Sombrero for the times when I need extra concentration.

I have the day off tomorrow and start anew on monday.

What you had to say:
April 15 2004

I'm excited for you in your new job!! Congrats, and good luck!

April 22 2004

Bet you thought I forgot...

Ron Jeffries' Test-Driven Development walkthru:
"Adventures in C# The Bowling Game" at

April 22 2004

Thanks for remembering, Pete. I'll definitely be taking a closer look.

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