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Thursday · April 15 2004

Oh, and speaking of Pixies, a 4th show goes on sale saturday morning for The Pixies reunion tour. The first 3 shows in November sold out fast. I would try to get tix, but it's at the Aragon. I'll turn on the clothes dryer and stick my head in with “Debaser” playing in the other room to simulate the experience.

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April 15 2004

heh heh heh. This is the first day since I started my new job that I've had a chance to visit your site. so I am celebrating by making extraneous, frivilous comments.

April 16 2004

I'm reconsidering my decision to not buy tickets. I downloaded and burned the torrent of the show they played in Minneapolis this past tuesday.


01. Bone Machine
02. Wave of Mutilation
03. U-Mass
04. Levitate Me
05. Broken Face
06. Monkey Gone To Heaven
07. Holiday Song
08. Winterlong
09. Nimrod's Song
10. La La Love You
11. Ed Is dead
12. Here Comes Your Man
13. Vamos
14. Debaser
15. Dead
16. Number 13 Baby
17. Tame
18. Gigantic
19. Gouge Away
20. Caribou


21. Isla De Encanta
22. Velouria
23. In Heaven->Wave of Mutilation (UK Surf)
24. Where Is My Mind?
25. Into The White

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