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Wednesday · April 14 2004

Trust, Don't Verify - Bush's incredible definition of credibility.

William Saletan gets it right on the mark.

Archived: Political » April 2004
What you had to say:
April 14 2004

I read the Slate article and Metafilter's comments and then cruised over here to see if you had any thoughts on last night's speech (I count you as one of a small number of Bush supporters - or so it seems - who isn't overly rabid in his support for the prez, but support him nonetheless).

In any event, I find it curious that you agree with Saletan's criticiscm and yet continue to support Bush/Republicans. Have I been reading you wrong? Are you a Bush supporter or are you simply against Democrats/Kerry?

Just curious.

April 14 2004

I don't recall *ever* posting anything pro-Bush. I have posted a number of anti-Kerry items (mostly from Mickey Kaus' kausfiles) before the Dem primary was decided. I'm guessing that's what led you to infer I am a GW Bush supporter. I'm not convinced John Kerry is the best leader for the country, but I would rather have him represent me than GW Bush.

I like Saletan's article because he nails exactly what bothers me about Bush. Bush's style works for those who are comfortable taking promises on faith and strong talking folk at their word. That doesn't describe me. I think like a skeptical scientist, not a believer. If it helps clear anything up, I enjoy reading The New Republic (a little of both) more than The Nation (left) or National Review (right).

I'm new to commenting on political items, so I'm not always as clear as I'd like. I'm sorry if I confused/disappointed you, but I'm glad you stop by to read and hope you'll continue to do so.

April 14 2004

Sorry to paint you pro-Bush. I went back after posting and tried to find what made me think you were...I found it, it was anti-Kerry. There was also something else...but I can't find it now and it's not really important considering your response.

I'm not sure how I discovered you, Kegz, but I've enjoyed reading your perspective from Chicago. Keep it up.

Patrick in San Francisco

April 14 2004

Maybe it was that I posted my support for John McCain on the sidebar at one point. I am a John McCain fan. Maybe it was that I can't stand Air America Radio. Maybe it was that I think Michael Moore is a self-serving hack.

I like people who aren't afraid to support the other side when reason demands it. This is what turns me off about Kerry and Bush. They hate what the other guy says before he even says it. To me, that's ludicrous, but the unfortunate reality of national politics. To do otherwise is to open the door for those who don't think critically to take easy shots at your weaknesses.

Thanks again for reading, Patrick. It's good to hear.

April 15 2004

I really enjoyed this article, Jason, thanks for linking to it. Of course, you knew I would considering I do REGULARLY read the Nation. This seems like a ripe response to parry the "flip-flop" label that the current administration will pin on Kerry. Some times it is good to change your mind. I'm sure the Dems won't use it, though. They will just respond to the attacks and not go on the offensive with it. They have a habit of trying to be the "issues" party; which means most people don't care what they are talking about.

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