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Tuesday · April 13 2004

Songs to wear pants to: the new musical equivalent to the brilliant fan inspired drawings of explodingdog. Send in an in plain text or an image and Andrew will make the song. For example…

“Applesauce Ballad of the Pet Tuba” — fast song, every 4 beats you yell APPLESAUCE! beach boys-esque oooOOOOOoooo's and ba-ba-ba's, and also your best tuba impersonation in the background.

“little EEEEE foo foo” — Make an 26-second recording out of a nursery rhyme, with all the nouns taken out and replaced with the sounds of horns and buzzers. Oh yeah, and play piano under it.

Check the songs to wear pants to site for the results in mp3. They Might Be Giants meets home recorded improv (which is more or less how TMBG started just without the audience submissions).

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