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Tuesday · April 13 2004

I'm picking Stace up at O'Hare around 4:30 this afternoon. She is returning from a short visit to Colorado Springs for her mom's birthday. Since she left saturday morning, the cats have been ornery without the usual high level of affection. The plants are droopy since I'm afraid to dabble in the nuances of orchid watering. Even the food doesn't taste as good when I'm home alone.

At 9 last night, Pixie realized Stacy wasn't coming home again and she let me hear about it. I said I felt the same way, but that didn't help her feel better. The best I could offer her was Stacy's whole side of the bed. Out of options, even for an impatient cat, she got quiet and dealt with it like Rusty and I did.

I hope you will forgive me for writing about cats.

What you had to say:
April 13 2004

You need never apologize anout writing about your cats! You're just giving dog people an "in"...

April 14 2004

My ex had a cat named Pixie. Named her after the chocolate treats. Aw. Poor Pixie was mauled by his parents' dog.

Cats get such a bad rap.

April 15 2004

Poor kittie.

When we got Pixie and Rusty from the woman who was giving them away, Pixie was named Stix, because her mom was Pixie (Pixie Stix). I couldn't handle the association with Styx, the band, so we changed her name to Pixie. She's a noisy, needy, chubby cat with a pretty face, and we love her despite her need for affection at 7am on weekend mornings only.

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