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Monday · April 12 2004

3 statements guaranteed to set our relationship off on the wrong foot…

  1. “Would you like to buy our 2 year maintenance and replacement plan with that?”
  2. anything “from hell”
  3. “You have too much time on your hands.”
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What you had to say:
April 12 2004

I'm following along on - the level of detail is great - Though not as fun as being at the game itself, I can follow along much better. You can actually see precisely where in the strike zone each pitch is thrown! I am going to recommend that they add in a new feature, though: an audio track with the El rumbling by every 7-10 minutes.

April 12 2004

Methinks you meant to post this on the previous entry, but we can talk about the game here too. WGN used to have a free stream online, but a couple years ago, MLB made them stop during Cub games because MLB sells the streams now. It's $15 for access to every game of every team for the entire year which is an incredible deal, especially if you're a fan of an out of town team.

The online java applets (like MLB has or the one on CBS Sportsline) do have nice detail. Instead of the same stadium backgrounds, they should make them resemble the home field like they do in the video games. Realism is everything.

April 12 2004

I did mean to post under the other entry - sorry to throw your organizational system into a frenzy. I have posted a response to your comment somewhere on someone else's blog...go find it! :-)

April 13 2004

It's Eric! Hi, Eric.

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