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Thursday · April 08 2004

On the way to work, I listened on NPR to Condi Rice's testimony before the 9/11 commission. Her opening statements and the first two questioners snoozed along predictably. Then Richard Ben-Veniste began his questions about the August 6, 2001 security briefing and the proceedings started to get interesting.

At this point, I had to head into work and I forgot to bring my radio walkman, so I'll read the rest later online. This isn't the last you'll hear about the August 6 PDB with a very interesting title.

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What you had to say:
April 08 2004

I'm just noticing that i think i only post on your political comments. I am listening to it winding down right now. Revelations made in 2 1/2 hours? 0.

April 08 2004

I never know what type of post will spawn discussion. I love comments but fishing for them is like watching water boil. So I don't.

I didn't expect Condi to reveal much. The best you could hope for in testimony like this is an off-balance question causing a brief revelation in an otherwise rehearsed situation. I'm not surprised if that didn't happen because you don't get to be the National Security Advisor by being weak when faced with critical pressure.

April 08 2004

i have to admit that i was away from my desk for part of it so i may have missed something. wasn't mentioning the title of the 8/6 PBD a slip up?
i don't think the 9/11 commission got a great deal on this one.
there was a lot of partisan bs from questioners on both sides. if it wasn't an election year, and Bush wasn't running his whole platform on how great he is against terrorists, the commission might be able to be effective.
The administration's refusal to admit any error or mistake in judgement on any point is infuriating!
Obviously mistakes were made by everybody, intelligence and the previous administration AND the current administration. It's just that the other parties involved can safely (politically) admit their failures.

April 08 2004

debunking already begun:
(albiet highly partisan source!)

April 08 2004

Thanks, Stef. I've been waiting for some ammo to fire back at the liberals who've forgotten all the lying Rice did to defend Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld last year. She used her position as National Security Advisor to toss out tons of propoganda in defense of this tragedy of a war. I heard people walking around saying they were rooting for her... like she was the underdog in a sports contest.

Maybe some of them got her mixed up with Anita Hill.

April 08 2004

Listening to the radio on the way home made me scream for something sane and logical.

Option #1: Listen to John Williams on WGN. Fuddy duddy grandpas call in and say we shouldn't declassify anything related to 9/11. "We don't want the terrorists to find out how much we knew and didn't know." Yes, that's right we should put our head in the sand. "Those questioners didn't even want to hear her answers. That's not fair."

Option #2: Listen to Randi Rhodes rant and rave about conspiracy theories on Air America Radio. I'm glad we have some liberal voices on the radio, but why must they be smug and repulsive?

Option #3: Sports radio.

Drive home radio sucks.

HB, I can't believe people said they were rooting for her. *boggle*

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