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Wednesday · April 07 2004

Stace and I walked along the lake to Foster Beach when she got home from work. I wanted to ride bikes, but dark still comes early and I wasn't up for changing clothes and pumping tires. Our bicycles sleep inside through the winter; we're not hardcore pedalers. Our usual walking path is centered around the area between the beaches at Montrose and Foster, safely north of the post-rush hour gaggle of exercisers you find near Belmont or Fullerton. We enjoy the lake at the pace of the aged Eastern European couples huddled around the benches and rocks north of Foster.

We returned to the car and drove up to Rogers Park planning to check out Cafe Suron, a Middle-Eastern restaurant in the converted lobby of a hotel at Pratt and Sheridan. Cafe Suron is a wonderful discovery. I tried the breaded tilapia with horseradish (best fish I've had in a restaurant since Atlantique, which says alot for 1/3 the price) and Stacy had a lamb and shrimp combo plate. $37 for entrees, appetizer, dessert, and tea. Not ultra-budget pricing, but a great deal in our experience. The food and atmosphere are perfect for a summer date or birthday dinner without dropping a ton. Bring your own wine, however, BYO only. One other note: Cafe Suron doesn't take credit cards, so be prepared with cash or to walk to the ATM next door in the White Hen like I did. 1146 W Pratt.

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