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Friday · April 02 2004

Christ, J, are you going to post something today? It's 1:30 in the afternoon on friday and I've refreshed your page 5 times since wednesday. You made no effort with an April Fools. What's up?

I'm fine. I fell behind on sleep this week (Schuba's monday, gaming with the boys on wednesday) and am sputtering into the weekend. Nothing sleep won't cure.
I like Oklahoma State to win the NCAA Final Four. I have no chance left in the pools, but I'll root for the team I picked.
I have been listening to Air America Radio during the commute. Their programming proves that listening to angry liberals is equally as annoying as listening to angry conservatives. I don't like angry people. Listen to Randi Rhodes for 10 minutes in the afternoon and tell me what you think. She makes my ears bleed.
Google's 1GB email offer is not a joke as I thought it was. I don't plan on switching unless Google develops an equivalent to MyYahoo! which Stace and I are very happy with.
Jesus and Moses beany babies
The Donald fired Troy last night. I thought Troy and Kwame were going to start wrastlin in the reception area while awaiting their fate in the boardroom. Troy knew facing Bill meant certain doom, so he picked his buddy, Kwame, for the boardroom. Kwame wasn't bothered in the least. For all their slapping hands, snapping fingers, and hugging, you would have thought they were spliting the top prize.

Stace and I discussed how much gender mattered in that scene. Could we see two women showing friendly affection toward one another when one of them turned on the other for the sake of competition and the game? I really doubt it. Why are men more adept at allowing competition and friendship to coexist? This question begs a larger discussion than I'm capable of thoughtfully putting into words.

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April 02 2004

speaking of google...
type in weapons of mass destruction and hit the "i'm feeling lucky" link (it's next to "google search")

April 02 2004

I would definately say the women I know (in business situations, please) have a far more difficult time distinguishing business relations from personal relations. Ladies are more prone to take something personally, to get emotional about dealings in business, then men are. Although not by much!

Actually now that I think about it, most people have trouble separating themselves from the activity at hand. That's human nature, and in our society in particular we have a propensity to define ourselve by what we do. Ask anyone "Who are you?" and guaranteed, their profession will come in near or at the top of the short list.

As for the Trump game, being that they've made it a biz-school frat house environment, I would imagine the act of being in each other's face 24-7 would inherently take the game to a personal level.

April 02 2004

I don't know about the gender competition thing...but I thought that Troy and Kwame really demonstrated the "business is business, life is life" thing very well. I was even impressed that they shared so much affection for each other in general! And they were of two different races. I hope to see more men sharing friendships like that. (GRANTED, this is a television show and we get to see what they want us to, but you get me...)

April 03 2004

Awesome post on the episode:

I'd say Kwame and Troy were *close*. Frodo and Sam close.

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