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Thursday · April 01 2004

Has anyone fooled you today?

What you had to say:
April 01 2004

I was fooled at 8:15 am when my co-worker pointed to the ground, covered her mouth in disgust, and screamed, "Oh my God! Come look! Oh my God!"

This was very scary considering that we'd been joking all week about finding a dead mouse in our office. But obviously nothing was there except a punch in the shoulder and an "April Fool's!"

April 01 2004

The registrar's office in my law school emailed me and told me that they made a mistake and I had received straight A's for last semester.

Then I went there and they go, "April Fools!....your 2.0 was right....By the way you owe us $35K for next year's tuition".

boy, did they fool me! hahahahaha! i love april fools!

April 01 2004

As close as I came to being fooled today.

April 03 2004


April 04 2004

First-time poster, love you, love your show....

I learned yesterday that I got fooled - good! I am an improvisation student at the ImprovOlympic. Actually, we are performing for the next 4 Sunday nights, at 8PM, at IO. Small plug.

Many of the people I've studied with, or near, or "played" with, have gone on to television - commercials, SNL, MadTV, Conan O'brien, etc. I was told on Friday that our coach, Noah Gregopolous landed a small role on the Friends spin-off, Joey. I even found a posting on our community eBoard that "confirmed" it. Noah has been in Chicago improv for 15 years, he's very talented, and I believed it. I asked a friend of his about it yesterday, to which he responded, "Noah? He'll never leave IO! You were duped." He's probably still laughing.

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