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Tuesday · March 30 2004

Japan's flag is a red dot on a white field
Some flags are simple and to the point. (Japan)

Sri Lanka's flag is a weird lion holding a sword with odd colors
Others require explanation. (Sri Lanka)

Mozambique's flag has guns!
Some flags incorporate automatic weapons into the design. (Mozambique)

Uganda's flag has a rooster
And some remind me of David Sedaris' brother, Paul, the Rooster. (Uganda)

Josh Parsons grades the flags of the world. A's, B's, C's,
and the D's and F's. He explains his methodology, including a few basic rules: Do not write the name of your country on your flag, Do not put a map of your country on your flag, and Do not use a tricolour unless you are in Europe.

Yes, I found this site more entertaining than you probably did. I like flags, I guess.

What you had to say:
April 02 2004

I wonder how he would rate this EU flag, if it ever got approved.

It resembles a bar code, but was generated by stretching all the colors of the different member nations, allowing for change as nations would be added to the union. The european public was outraged when it was released to the press, pretty much blowing its chances of becoming a reality. Someday it might be appropriate and have more potential and flexibility than typical flags.

I don't know if the link I put in the first sentence will work, so here's it spelled out:

I can't figure this thing out...

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