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Tuesday · March 30 2004

From Errol Morris' Globe Department Store:

Conversations with filmmaker, Errol Morris.

What you had to say:
March 30 2004

Okay, this has nothing to do with your entry, but I thought I'd let you know I've been playing Tetris obsessively for 2 days.

March 30 2004

Which reminds me...I need to add the functionality for high scores. I keep meaning to do it, but there's too many other things to tinker with.

And this has nothing to do with your comment, but I'm happy to be teaching myself new programming/scripting tricks while making gadgets for this site. That was my reason for this whole mess in the first place.

When I get the Tetris high scores, we're gonna see who the real playahs are.

March 30 2004

You want playahs? 75,000 points at Level 15, baby! Yeah.

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