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Monday · March 29 2004

  • Drinking game idea for the Final Four — During the Duke/UConn game, drink every time Bill Raftery, Billy Packer, or one of the other ACC bootlickers at CBS says “bruised ribs”, “gutty performance”, or “a real hero” in reference to Chris Duhon. Blotto 3 minutes into the second half.
  • Chat online with Barry Bonds each week during the month of April.
  • See This Old Cub, the Ron Santo story. People tend to either love or hate Ronny. I am of the former.
  • Hope Mark Prior's absence is confined to April. Early season injuries have a way of biting later because of the time missed during spring training. I usually leave it to Dan to be the Cub pessimist, but I have a bad feeling about this one.
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