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Friday · March 26 2004

Jay invited me to the Blackhawks game last night. He dangled a sixth row seat in front of me with the promise: we can watch them suck from up close. I've played more hockey games on Sega Genesis than I've watched real ones on TV, but this was my first time right up at the boards.

The Blackhawks suck. Their effort is an embarrassment. They played the Minnesota Wild last night, an expansion franchise (I think) that is near the Hawks at the bottom of the standings. After 5 minutes, Minnesota was up 4-1 and it never got better. Chicago lost 8-2.

The Hawks played the worst defensive hockey I've seen, but they did provide some okay goonery. We saw 3 fights, but none were bloody and few shots were landed. I don't know what players on last place teams riding out the last week of the season have to fight about. Maybe they realize the crowd might leave if they don't entertain us with something.

Even Jay's 4-year old nephew, Will, got it right, though he was unaware. He asked his dad about the Hawks' goalie at least 3 times. Dad. Why does he just stand there?

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