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Thursday · March 25 2004

Richard Clarke gives a performance and dazzles the audience.

Interesting how the critics and supporters change hats regarding Al-Qaeda and Iraq when the party in power switches.

Bush's job creation record is piss poor, but I'm not buying the existence of Kerry's outsourcing bogeyman either.

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What you had to say:
March 25 2004

I have to say that I am in love with Richard Clarke. Admittadly (sp?) I was pre-disposed, but he has yet to let me down!

PS: have you seen any good articles on Tenet's testimony?

March 25 2004

PPS: has any other president had so many books come out about him by former staff members WHILE they were still in office? (Count is 2)

March 25 2004

I was blown away by the testimony I heard on the radio yesterday. My question is, sincerity and admitting one's mistakes always seems to go over well with the public. Why the hell don't more politicians take this route? Maybe we'd think them less scummy if they did.

March 25 2004

Jimmy Carter was sincere.

March 25 2004

true. and didn't he get in after the whole watergate debacle? Perhaps we only get honesty in politics when there is backlash against something particularly abhorrent.

March 25 2004

The liver-spotted Gerald Ford filled the gap between Nixon and Carter. My point was that Jimmy Carter was sincere but it didn't help him become a fondly remembered president, though I think he is an outstanding human being.

If you're looking for a backlash of honesty in John Kerry, you might have to look really hard. The Dems did not vote to respond to Bush with an inspiring candidate. We responded with "hopefully electable".

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