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Thursday · March 25 2004

I don't know if we buy Brawny or Bounty paper towels in our house. I never look at the plastic wrapping, but the man on the package is important to some people. In October, Georgia-Pacific madeover Brawny Man's 70s porn star-lumberjack image and gave him a more modern, sensitive persona. Now Brawny has a TV ad campaign to introduce the new millenium Brawny man.

Now that Brawny is innocuously modern, you can fantasize that he's all you want in a man — more sensitive, more emotional, more absorbent — and his haircut won't break the spell.

Create your own Brawny Man.

I liked the old Brawny Man. He fit right in with Marlboro Man, Bill Buckner, Tom Selleck, and my dad.

What you had to say:
March 25 2004

My wife and the other massage therapist in her office actually had a discussion about this the other day. Her co-worker likes the old Brawny man and my wife prefers the new one. Unfortunately, I look like neither (or fortunately).

March 25 2004

So I created my own & surprise of all surprises ... he's gay.

March 25 2004

But is he absorbent?

March 26 2004

He does what he needs to do. I'm his beard.

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