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Wednesday · March 24 2004

Ted Leo was valiant, but the sound at Logan Square Auditorium plain sucks. Ted's trebly inflection and speed strummed guitar sounded like mud under a rug. The room is beautiful, but I wouldn't go back for another show. Empty Bottle is staging their larger shows at the Logan Square venue, but cheap beer and side risers, the two best features of Empty Bottle imo, are absent.

We bolted about 35 minutes into the set. That's all I could take of the loud, garbled sound system.

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March 24 2004

I am really happy to see that Ted Leo is "making it." He's just an amazing stage presence and also he's TERRIBLY inventive.

March 24 2004

He does have great presence and he deserved better. I love his records to death.

April 02 2004

hey, i work at Plexifilm ( and i'd like to let you know that we just released a Ted Leo DVD, "Dirty Old Town", which documents his performance at the Siren Music Festival at Coney Island, NYC! check out for more details!

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