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Tuesday · March 23 2004

Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters, Nirvana) wrote a music piece in the NY Times weekend Arts section. Blurbs on Air, The Pixies, The Darkness, Britney, My Morning Jacket, Eagles of Death Metal, Paris Hilton singing and Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

“Maps” by Yeah Yeah Yeahs: Better than “Stairway to Heaven” when it comes to make-out music (I could never figure out what to do when the fast part kicked in)…

(NY Times login: kegz03/kegz03)

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What you had to say:
March 23 2004

dave grohl is the coolest. he's fun to watch (foo videos, "extra" parts in x-files) listen to (nirvana, foo, queens of the stone age, probot-only listened to probot once at a friend's party- it's pretty hard but fun) and now to read. i'm so glad he finally started drumming again. he's always seemed to me like one of the people you'd most like to invite to a party. ok, enough slobbering. on a different note- tried to see "eternal" friday night but it was sold out. i'm more excited to see this movie than i've been about a movie in a while. i'm going to see it this afternoon so i'll let you know my verdict. love charlie kaufman even though i couldn't get through "human nature". only watched the first 30min.- painful.

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