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Monday · March 22 2004

I took the Physical Attraction Test. What did I learn?

I'm very picky and prefer thin women with long, dark hair and diamond shaped faces. The test has a clever way of deducing these truths. It showed me ~80 different faces in various kinds of choice formats (pick between two, pick what you like, pick what you don't like, etc) and I spent 20 minutes clicking on thin women with long, dark hair and the occasional diamond shaped face. The quiz researchers spent millions of dollars on this technique. Incredible.

Stacy watched me take the test and did not influence the results. I tried not to be a pig, but that's difficult. I wasn't taking a personality attraction test. Sorry hon, I can't tell who seems like a nicer girl, so I'm going to choose the one with bigger boobs, k? Easy way to pick a fight? Choose all the blondes.

She commented that she hardly ever agreed with the choices I made. This proves nothing other than my wife has as differing taste in women for me as I do in men for her. I disagreed with almost everyone one of her choices when it was her turn. Her results stated she was attracted to slightly overweight, balding men with small noses and lots of body hair. (I assure you the test creators spent more money on the female models than the guys they show.)

Clearly, I won her over on personality.

What you had to say:
March 22 2004

I took that test the other day. What did I learn?
I bet you'll be shocked that it found that I have an affinity for Asian men."Surfer dudes" are also my type. (That is the scientific term they derived for guys with long-ish hair.... which I don't even think I like anymore, now that I'm in my 30s.)
It also told me that I like hairy chests. NOT true. They only showed two or three chest shots to pick from, and in one case it was a really scrawny bald chest or a nicely-but-not-too muscled hairier chest. I picked the latter. The rest of the time, I picked the bald chests.

March 22 2004

Yeah, I do not like hairy chests either, Tori. Nor do I like the overweight body type. But, I do seem to like the "hunks" and "pretty boys". Also, I am extremely picky.

So, I guess I am extremely picky about overwieght, bald men with glasses and hairy chests. Right on! :)

March 22 2004

I can't get past the Time Estimate page. I try to click my audio choice & nothing. Help! I want to know!

March 22 2004

You have the lastest version of Flash installed? Something funky with the audio on your machine? I don't know enough about Flash to help much.

March 22 2004

I think this may be a sham. I went through my report and in one section it said i like blonde women with fair skin and then later said i preferred brown hair and brown eyes? This was made by the marketing department, not a research department.

I also found out i like large, full breasts. What a shock! It was fun, but i think light on the science.

March 22 2004

Maybe it means you're not picky and like large, full breasts.

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