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Friday · March 19 2004

If you're looking for funny...

Watch Rumsfeld get caught with his pants down on Face the Nation.

Archived: Political » March 2004
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March 19 2004

Thomas Friedman is the man! He showed up to that discussion well armed with quotes because he probably anticipated Rumsfeld backpedaling. I read Friedman's foreign affairs column in the New York Times religiously and I highly recommend his book, From Beiruit to Jerusalem. I do not always agree with him but he is very insightful. During the 2000 presidential debates, Bush gave Reagan's decision to go into Lebanon a "thumb's up" and of course no one asked him why he approved of a decision that led to a bombing that killed over 200 American soldiers and our withdrawal. Friedman titled the colum "The Wrong Answer" and questioned Bush's knowledge of foreign affais. The last sentence of the calum was one word. "Scary."

March 19 2004

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