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Monday · March 15 2004

This super speed typing game proves to me that typing random letters is tougher than typing words. My fingers are trained to type commonly used keystroke combos. While I'm reading ahead in a sentence or thinking my next thought, the fingers are lagging behind, typing by muscle memory.

High score was 638 (pretty sad, I know), but I only played twice, since my nerves were ready to bust. How someone scored 109K, I have no idea.

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What you had to say:
March 15 2004

638 is 5.547826 times better than my 115! I have a new hobby. I just wonder if this can beat Tetris??

March 15 2004

Eric, I had the exact thought. Is it possible I will love this more than Tetris??

March 15 2004

681 -- not a whole lot better, but getting there. My goal is 1000. I'll try again on a couple cups of coffee tomorrow.

March 15 2004

I'm really really good at that for some reason. I played my 2nd game just now and quit only because I was getting bored and stressed out - 5100 something. No kidding. The game speed levels off after about 2000 and it basically becomes an endurance test.

I guess my career as a male secretary is beginning to really pay off.

March 15 2004

Absolutely no way I could ever hit 5100 something. Good job, HB. Why didn't you have it save your high score for the day?

March 16 2004

I tried but the thingy wasn't working. It was taking over a minute to save my score - possibly because the score was just TOO HUGE.

Honestly, though. I did it and I could have gone on longer. I reached equilibrium with the game.

March 16 2004

I am a wimp at around 107. I can't help but look at the keyboard. :)

March 16 2004

Thanks for yet another distraction! my scores went: 115, 548, 558, 1455. In the last game, my anxious hands hit something like ctrl-f3 and my computer got distracted. In any case, i was pleased with that and will probably retire since i'm at the pinnacle of my career.

thanks to all that made this possible, i think i'll give baseball a try now, and then someday return to the game of typing.

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