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Monday · March 08 2004

Two fridays ago, I downloaded Tallahassee by The Mountain Goats on eMusic. After seeing their latest, We Shall All Be Healed, sitting in largeheartedboy's sidebar for some time, I figured they had to be worth a listen whatever their name was. That was friday. After playing "No Children" repeatedly and leaving the tracks alone in my playlist all day and night, I looked online for their next show in Chicago. Lucky me, they were playing the next night at Empty Bottle. Bought two tix and we were set.

I rarely have a problem convincing Stace to go to shows she's never heard of. Last year included Beulah, Polyphonic Spree, and The New Pornographers — a solid string that should survive at least a couple future stinkers. I played Tallahassee for her, but a dozen tracks about a broken down relationship in a broken down Florida house didn't strengthen my case any. I sang along to "No Children", I hope I lie — And tell everyone you were a good wife — And I hope you die — I hope we both die, but I was clearly breaking confidence, not making it. She was going to this show, because I was her husband and I am entrusted the task of bringing new music, movies, and liberal political ideas into our house. She pays the bills. I find frivolous distractions to piss away money on.

I hit the mark on The Mountain Goats. John Darnielle's show was nothing short of a musical conversion for me. He has supposedly written over 400 songs and I want to hear every single one of them. Jake at Glorious Noise has posted a review of the Empty Bottle show. He nails their appeal, "Whether he's singing tender lullabies for abusive junkies or scolding an enthusiastically wasted fan for jinxing the Cubs, Darnielle's almost sociopathic faith in his own words is palpable." Darnielle has played countless shows before this one and I've never seen any of them. Yet I felt he brought the sincerity of a first performance and packaged it into every line.

I've told everyone I know who might give half a crap that the show was incredible. Mountain who? This is the part where I'm glad we wrote our own wedding vows. be your lifetime rock show partner...

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March 08 2004

you're a lucky guy, j. stace is one of the most flexible, easy-going, fun, and sweetest people i've ever known. i hope when i find a lifetime rock show partner they will have those qualities too.

did you go see "ran"?

saw on stacy's site that tori is now a vegetarian. that's awesome. don't forget to relax when you eat out with us veggies, j!!!

have a blast in CO and give kristin my love.

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