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Tuesday · March 02 2004

Holy crap, it's 3:00pm already? March 2 shall be known as "Where did this day go?" day.

This morning, the shower curtain was on the outside of the tub and good fortune (literally) rained down on me in the form of our shower head pointing directly at said shower curtain. All the best to stream down the curtain and onto the tile floor. While brushing my teeth, my feet were squishing on a soaked bathmat. Flood on the floor. Damn! The phone rings. J, our neighbor below us who is selling his unit and has an inspector coming this week, says, "Heya, sorry to call so early, but I wanted to let you know we have water dripping from our bathroom door frame." "Thanks for letting me know, J. I'm dumb. I'm cleaning up the mess right now."

This week sucks. I blame gravity.

© 2004 Jason Keglovitz