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Sunday · February 29 2004

I geeked out and did a little home coding earlier this evening. I thought up this idea a couple months ago to automatically display here on this site the music I've recently listened to via my slimp3 players. I cobbled some basic PHP scripting and batch FTP commands to make the auto-magical happen for no reason other than it can be done and I wanted to learn something new. Ostensibly, learning was one of the reasons why I started this page in the first place.

So, with no future effort required by me, you can see some of the albums and songs I've been listening to recently under the "Via the slimp3" header on the left. More than occasionally, you might think "wtf is Jay listening to that garbage?" Sometimes the answer will be: "I had the player on random. I didn't know I had that song" and sometimes the answer will be: "I like that garbage."

If I were a carpenter, I'd craft my own tables and cabinets. Instead I'm a software developer and these are the tables I know how to make.

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