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Friday · February 27 2004

While you're waiting to get through on the phone or internet for Cubs tickets, watch 3 episodes of the Mario Bros. tragic prelude. (first, second, third)

Very touching with a tremendous battle scene in the 2nd episode.

What you had to say:
February 27 2004

Forget all of my Oscar pics. Forget The Godfather, Star Wars, and the whole damn Lord of the Rings bull. This is the most important trilogy in the history of cinema.

I'd like to place an ad in Variety:

For Your Consideration: Mario Bros.

February 27 2004

I promise that everything posted today will be of the highest entertainment value. If you're thinking of skimming on by and missing this series, you're missing out.

Stacy was almost late for work watching these this morning.

Best Animated Short? My award goes here. Forget that Destino crap they played before Triplets of Belleville (which, on the other hand, was very cool). Destino sucked.

February 27 2004

My hair is still wet! Luigi...

February 27 2004

i liked Destino!!!!

i miss the days of playing mario bros. for 12+hours. i lived for those games.

February 27 2004

Destino compared to the castle battle scene in the second Mario movie? Crap, I say.

February 27 2004

ok, no comparing!!!! the mario credits show the music is from Requiem. i recognized it but i wouldn't have ever placed it with that. maybe it was in one of the fridge scenes ;)

February 27 2004

I think I saw they also took music from LOTR and Braveheart.

February 27 2004

ok, i'm writing you after i watch each part. just finished the 3rd. i want more!!!!! i think radiohead should put out a video of that for Pyramid.

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